Sunday, October 22, 2006

Back Again!

I have been so busy here in Wiltshire that I have hardly had any time to update the blog!!
I sold the blanket on ebay for a grand total of £25-50.
I am working on another 2 blankets. One for ebay and one for work - it will be raffled in November to raise funds for activities for the residents.
I am also making Christmas presents all very hush hush !!
Photos to follow asap. It was book character day last week Wednseday - we had one days notice so I gave in and bought a Peter Pan and Tinkerbelle outfit. Here are my two all dressed up and ready for school. You can see the flowers I was bought for my birthday in the background - a bunch each from my children and one from Ben, Sarah and James. Must go and get ready for work now !!

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