Sunday, April 15, 2007

Anna-Kate's Birthday Party at the Farm.

Here is the birthday girl waiting for all her guests to arrive at the farm. Needless to say we were all very excited!

Being shown around the big barn - Luke is standing next to the largest goat I have ever seen. I think his name was Sam. There are more goats in the pens around the children.

As the birthday girl Anna-Kate was allowed to choose the horse she rode on. Poor Luke was too scared to have a go ! They were big horses ! But gentle giants too.

Anna-Kate loved the horse riding. So now she dreams of having lessons!

They were allowed to pet the rabbits and the guinea pigs...I was scared in this section - but hid it well....and yes we have had the mummmmmeeeyyyy can we have a rabbit ever since!

Grooming the goats..

Hunting for eggs - this was great fun all the littlies running around finding eggs. Luke or Anna-Kate found a beautiful mint green egg.

Eating and having fun!

Having Happy Birthday sung to her !!! Excuse the red lips from the red lemonade.

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