Monday, December 24, 2007

The Family Christmas Party.

Here we all are ! Me, Abigail (my sister), Mum, Dad, Tom and Benjamin (my brothers). We had our family Christmas party yesterday as Mum, Dad and Abs are off to Barcelona for Christmas - if the fog behaves !!!

Anna-Kate and Luke having a quick cuddle with Granny before the party began. Luke is wearing the first item of clothing I have knitted. I did get into trouble as it does not have enough red in - as red is the best colour in the world ever - apparently.
Granny is reading a letter from Father Christmas explaining why he had delivered a few presents early....

Here is Luke with his BIG packet FULL of presents. He was a very happy little boy. Plus there were loads of balloons flying around the room.
Luke loves his fort - here he is re-enacting various battles.

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