Monday, March 22, 2010

Birthday Weekend ....

This weekend was a big birthday weekend. Saturday was Greg's birthday - and I am shocked to find I took no photo of him on his special day ! We were so busy - we went shopping early in the morning to buy him the perfect wet and dry vacuum cleaner. For his work shop I hasten to add !!

We were lucky and got the last one in the range he really wanted.

Then he popped to the local fishing shop and chose a fishing reel for his fishing rod.

After buying all his birthday presents we had to go grocery shopping for Anna-Kate's party on Sunday and cake for all ! Then we rushed home to sort out boxes and boxes ! We have a spare room FULL of boxes .... it is a terrible thing when one's hubby finds ones stash of fabric, wool and craft books ! (BLUSH!)
Here Anna-Kate opens her telescope ... she has been asking for one for ages so no she has one.
Took this photo to show Mum, Ben, Sarah, James and Abs their parcels arrived safe and sound !

At the party - Anna-Kate and the girls at the movie party - but ended up in the pool instead as it was soooo hot !

Cake anyone? This cake was pure ice-cream yumminess.

A good weekend was had by all .

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EMP said...

Sounds like fun! Thinking of you here in the mild west.