Friday, September 10, 2010

A Tour of My Garden ...

All right we walk out of my dining room and onto my balcony - I sit out here when the children are at school and housework can be forgotten about !
From the left of this picture I have some bamboo growing in the first pot - well I say growing - I picked a shoot so hope it may root ! Then a huge pot full of sunflowers - my favourite flower. The succulents in the wooden box I found lying in the street - they are growing really well. The black pot is where my daffodils are.
I look over the balcony and I see the first garden I built - all enclosed now so the dog does not get in ! In this garden I have - beans, corn, butternut, strawberries, tomatoes, basil, lettuce, peppers, radish .... there may be more !! Not to forget I have it surrounded by sunflowers and poppies. In the big pot I have a hydrangea cutting growing ...
The first of the 2 side gardens you see at the top of the photo - has 2 rose bushes in, some aloes as well as some more sunflowers.
The second of the 2 side garden has one rose bush, a few sunflowers, strawberries, peas, corn, beans and butternut in ....

This garden is right next to the door into the children's TV room - it is full of strawberries - I did not know how easy it was to grow strawberries !! Plus 2 herbs oregano and thyme in the front, under the sticks is a bean ....

On the left side of the door - a geranium, growing from a cutting I took from our rented house, next to another water feature found in this garden ! It is empty - hence the cat sitting in it !

My first sunflowers blooming and enjoying the sun this morning. I think they enjoyed the rain we just had too !

This is the rockery in front of the first garden - I have a teeny, tiny apricot tree in here, plus loads of rose bushes, sunflowers and some flowers in pots - think there might be another strawberry plant in there too.

This is right at the bottom of my garden - note another enclosed garden ! Full of veggies too.... more or less the same as the other gardens .... plus trees in the background, more poppies and sunflowers.

The newest garden - has lovely soil full of worms as I found out while digging ! More butternut, corn and beans !
Hope you have enjoyed my garden tour ! This weekend means mowing !!!

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