Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Luke and the Sunflowers.

OK I know I am harping on about my garden - but with all the rain we have had (are having) it
is growing well. Here is my full corner - lilies, chocolate mint, lemon tree, tomatoes, marigolds (lots of them!), corn, oak tree, lettuce, sunflowers, runner beans, peppers, chillies, broccoli, cabbage, spring onion, mint and more as I am sure I have forgotten something.

We took Anna-Kate to Brokerswood for a Brownie BBQ - when we came out the garden was calling us so we went outside. My sunflowers are going to bloom soon ...
Here is one of the heads - I can not wait to see them out.

Luke in front of the sunflower row. They are twice his height now.

Should I be worried? Are these thunder clouds ...just showing you how tall my sunflower is - and
you can see the tip of my runner beans.

This sunflower is as tall as my conservatory !

My boy next to my £1 rose bush from Wilkinson.

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