Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Saturday Sailing at Studland Beach.

We decided to go to the beach on Saturday - thankfully the weather was lovely, warm but not too hot and windy enough for the sailors but not too windy for us folk who sit on the beach !

Luke all ready to go to the beach. Hats and sunglasses needed today ! I made the long shorts last summer - glad he can still fit into them - the Sharks top is a rugby team in South Africa. We were off and out of the house by 8-30 with sailing boat in tow!

Anna-Kate wearing my sun hat - well I bought it for me, but it is too small for me so I gave it to her. The summer dress is from Sew Hip (no.7) great pattern!

We found this very deep hole on arrival at the beach - Luke made it home and played in it for ages! Well when he was not sailing or swimming that is !
Granny checking her mobile phone - for messages ! I do think she received quite a few, organising her outing on Sunday.

As soon as we arrived on the beach Anna-Kate went for a swim. We had to dig out her swimming goggles so she could explore the ocean - I think she saw a grand total of one fish and a crab! But she loved swimming in the sea which is fantastic.

Off for the first swim of the day!

Granny and Luke watching Greg and Grandpa launch the boat, they went out first to see what the wind was up to before taking the children out.

Off they go!
Anna-Kate went for a swim while she was waiting for her first sail. Here she is bobbing in the sea in her life jacket - she was only waist deep!

Anna-Kate and Luke having a swim ... what do they see?

Dad coming to join them ! Yeah, what fun.

Luke after the swim feeling the cold!

On the last sail I think ... Grandpa, Luke and Greg.

Journey home .... they do love each other sometimes !!!!
Will post now with some craft work !

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