Tuesday, June 09, 2009

SWAPS I am in !

Sorry I have been so quiet but I have been busy with my swaps ! Not to mention tidying up my house and trying to sort out the attic! Hubby is also home so we are really out of routine !!

Here are some sneaky pics .... Item number one ...still have work to do on this one... Some ......... need to be added and a ............. would make it easier to use !
Project number two.... many parts to this project ! and far from complete. Needs more beads, buttons and sequins! Project number 3 (at least ) I have begun quilting - well I am much further than this now - I have finished the sky and I have done most of the hills !
Now I am going back to crocheting ...... something else for another swap !!! I am very busy !


Cybèle said...

That first photo looks intriguing, I like the colour and texture.

Faith said...

Wow we are all busy busy... but all good fun.