Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lovely Day Out.

We decided to go out today - as Abs is down from London ... after much ummmming and aaahhhhing we decided on the White Horse - we first had a lovely picnic. Mum and Abs were much more organised than I was ! My two ate well then were able to run around... the white horse is very steep though, I did not realise quite how steep it was - a little scary for me ! Here is Luke WALKING down the horse - I kept yelling at him to sit DOWN !!!!
There were some interesting bugs on the flowers and on us ! The lady birds hung around for quite a while - here is one on Anna-Kate -
Love this field - it undulates up and down - Climbing up the hills ... all in a row.... just like little ducks -
A quiet moment between Abs and Anna-Kate.

Luke looking cute - eating sweets !

A very interesting flower - love the colours.
We had time for some kite flying - It didn't rain - although there were some very dark clouds! After flying the kite we popped over to mum's and visited the horses - my 2 tried to pull out some grass to feed them !
Where it did try to rain !

We are back home now safe and sound, tomorrow I HAVE to mow and have to pack and should try to sew too - will it happen???
Will try to chat soon !

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