Thursday, July 09, 2009

Lovely Post Day Today !

I received my parcel today - made even better because I didn't realise it was my swap parcel until I tore the envelope open !

Everything was wrapped up so it was really fun to unwrap it all. The 2 FQs are in my favourite colours - and will be used - thinking a bag but not sure yet!

The notebook is covered with mosaic tiles - very fun - will use this as a diary on my holiday to Australia!

The orange button bracelet and necklace set is lovely and I am wearing them already ! Along with one pair of earrings! There is another necklace - a string of beads with magnets on and can use it in many ways! The pincushion - with a bottle top bottom is sitting next to me so I use it instead of my sofa arm !There are some extra beer bottle tops - which I may use to make more pincushions!!!And there was some lovely stitch markers and a stitch holder too. A lovely parcel....

Not doing much sewing as my sewing machine needs a new bobbin case ! They are out of stock everywhere...
Here is a bunch of flowers Luke and his friend picked for me this weekend!
Sitting in my lounge in a patch of sun Anna-Kate and her friend revising their spelling and Luke is at his friend's house !
Have a lovely evening whatever you are doing!

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