Saturday, February 06, 2010

Heavy, Heavy Rain and my Rugby Player.

Anna-Kate happy to be going to school - my first French plait - but I think it is back to front ? These are very popular at Point Clare - so I had to give it a try !

We had very heavy rain yesterday. I left home at 2pm to do the 3pm school pick up. The headmaster told the early mums to pick up their children early to try and avoid school traffic jams - so we were home before 3pm ! My poor baby plants - they have survived possum and bush turkey attacks only to be flattened by heavy rain !!

You can actually see the rain in this photo - there was also LOUD thunder and lightening - very frightening as it was right over head.
A great view from Anna-Kate's room - love the clouds / rain over the mountain.

A spider web outside our lounge window. It has been here since we moved in. Luke checks it every night before he goes to bed - he thinks the spider is his pet!

Luke in his new rugby outfit - he is playing for Woy Woy Junior rugby club.

He has not taken the uniform off all day ! Greg took him to the park to play - he really enjoyed it.

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