Thursday, February 04, 2010

Sorry - not much happening !

Life has quietened down now the children are back at school. Life is good. The children are enjoying school (well they have only been there a week - but all is good). Greg is enjoying his work and is doing really well there too.
I am trying really hard to network and meet new people but it is hard. Meeting up with some knitters / crocheters soon so that should be fun!
Anyway here are a few pics to share with you all.
Walking up the steep hill - trust me it is steep !

At the top of the hill.

On the way back home - trying to show you the steep hill !

But who can complain with views of the water like this ? And seeing the cockatoos, parrots and pelicans every day is fab too !

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Name: Fiona said...

Glad all is going well - hope the knitters meeting goes well, just think of all that wool and fabric you don't know of yet just waiting for you in OZ!!!