Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Crocheting in Public ...

Last week I went back to school - for the annual Open Day ... it was lovely. The weather was warm - not too hot or too cool. I take the children to school at 8:35 and the open day began at 9:30. It was not worth walking home so I took my crocheting. Not this big blanket - too big and bulky to carry about, but a shrug for Anna-Kate. Not sure if it was a good idea as I used it as a shield to stop people talking to me - or would they not have spoken to me anyway - not too sure ! But at least I had something to do while I waited !

Finished this big blanket - perfect to ward off the chill in the air - although since we moved from Tascott it has not been as cold !
Anna-Kate's art work on the wall of her class - we went into each class to see their work...

Luke's bird - we call it broken beak !

Anna-Kate's year singing a rap song about saving the earth.

Luke after his song - KS2 performed a song and a show. It was very good - and well worth the wait !

Luke looking worried ! He did complain about having a tummy ache and he looks worried in this picture. He was waiting for his one line Bless him.

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