Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Avebury Outing, School Holidays and Quilting !

I have not had much time to come on the computer as it is school holidays ... I am trying to keep my two entertained. Really they are very good - but only like to go outside if I am there so I end up reading in the sunshine - after a little weeding !
Busy machine quilting my quilt - BUT now my machine is tired / in need of a service so I can't finish it !!!!
Painting some flower pots in the sunshine ! I think they are up to something though look at those cheeky grins ...
Oh dear what happened to the shed ?
Luke on the new swing Greg put up when he was here last.
Some of the 'scraps' sent to me from a school friend of mine - aren't they lovely? I am working on this quilt today !
Coming downstairs on Easter Morning. They were very excited .... not sure why, the Easter Bunny wasn't very inspired hiding the eggs !
Hunting out the eggs.
Eating the eggs !

Next to the Rock Circle at Avebury. They ran up and down the big ditch - it was very deep / steep.
Boy on top of the world - or hill !
Dandelion Crown - a photo to keep for his 21st !
Enjoying the sun.

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QuiltedSimple said...

What great pics! And I got my bags and I LOVE them. Thank you so very much! (of course, Jessie claimed the one for herself...).
Have a great day!