Friday, April 24, 2009

Thursday - Sunshine Day !

We had a lovely day today.
The sun shone and the sky was blue.
After taking the children to school I ran / walked for an hour then re-arranged the playroom trying to make room for my sewing... I want to move more into the conservatory as it is so nice and sunny in there.
But then I became side tracked and went and sat in the sunshine for a while ! Reading a book - instead of doing my homework ! I need to do lots of work on my quilt for my class !!
My children had their school's Easter Egg Hunt today so we came home later than usual.
Then Luke and I spent some time together in the garden with blossom falling around us !

I have almost finished my block for homework - but I wont be able to get to class tomorrow as I have to go to my childrens' school for parent / teacher meetings - hope to hear good news!

And now I am supposed to be sewing.... so must get off the computer !

Chat tomorrow - hoping the weather holds for us in the UK !


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