Thursday, April 02, 2009

My First Finished Quilt Top !

I finished Anna-Kate's second summer dress this morning - she likes it - but likes the blue one more !

And the quilt I started cutting last night - bought a 100% cotton duvet cover on sale at Tescos and came home and cut it up ! (Hubby thinks I am mad !) The first one I have finished ! Well I say finished .... but I think now the hard work begins ! I have to tidy my lounge floor and lay the backing down etc ... it will be a small lap quilt / baby's quilt as I want to machine quilt it and didn't want it to be too scary !!
So what do you think?
Off to do some hand piecing again !!!


E.M. Phillips said...

I think you are amazing, my sister-in-law: an inspiration to us non-domestic types. I struggle to sew on a button. :) Keep these colourful blog posts coming! I often tell my crafty friends about you; you have a gift.

Name: Fiona said...

These dresses are just great - lucky Anna-Kate!

QuiltedSimple said...

Love the dresses - i need to make Jessie some of these. And the quilt is gorgeous - what a great idea

Jeanette said...

it's gorgeous Vanessa, so so pretty. Can't wait to see it finished.