Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Australia Day.

OK - this was taken on Sunday - fishing is fast becoming a favourite activity ! Luke has learnt how to fish really quickly and Anna-Kate is enjoying it too so all is good here in Australia.

We decided to go to the beach on our first Australia Day here. This is MacMasters Beach - I think this is our 3d visit here. It is a lovely beach. No shark sightings yesterday - which is always a good thing! The water was very clear and warm.

Anna-Kate and Luke off to the tidal pool right up against the rocks on the left of the picture. Greg did go with them - I stayed under the umbrella I am afraid!

Anna-Kate reading her book with me under the umbrella - taking a break from swimming and body boarding.

Luke joined me too for a packet of crisps after he got dumped off his body board by a rather large wave !

Back from body boarding, another sport the children do with Dad !
We went home for lunch then spent the afternoon in the pool and garden. I am gardening again as the garden has lovely empty flower beds - so I planted beans, sunflowers and corn. First I was fighting with the local possums - but now thanks to curry powder, moth balls and a product called poss off I am winning that battle for now ! But then the turkey discovered the corn - so they ripped up all the rows of corn !! Now the corn has all gone I am hoping the turkey will leave the gardens alone.
Anna-Kate, Luke and I are having a VERY quiet day today as it is the last day of holidays. Back to school and routine tomorrow. And then it will be the weekend again - FAB !
Greg is very busy at work putting in bids for various projects which is all good news.

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