Monday, January 04, 2010

Computer Problems.

Still having puter probs - so only have Greg's puter in the evenings. Life is good here in Australia. Off out for a picnic tomorrow....

Love to all - we are all well and hope you are too ! Have loads of pics to share so get ready !!!

HUGS - Vanessa

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Anonymous said...

Hi there - glad to hear you're all settling in so well, sorry I have taken so long to get in contact but our computer has been on a go very slow which now thanks to Grainnes' Dad and some more memory is resolved so we're back in business.

The temperature has been well below freezing overnight - you'll be glad you're missing that I'm sure - it's now starting to snow at this very minute and apparently we are in for a major snow event!!! school might be closed again - the children will be pleased, they didn't like the idea of going back to school today it was -2 when we left this morning and the paths a little slippery.
Is you're e mail up and running or can we stay in touch through this?

Hope all continues to go well and the children enjoy school when the start.
Love Carolyn, Philip, Oliver & Charis.