Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas Day - On the Beach.

After opening all the presents and having a quick swim in the sea we decided to pop down to MacMasters Beach. Creating a new tradition of going to the beach on Christmas Day ! The weather was perfect, it was not too hot and was slightly over cast so you did not feel as if you were going to burn.
This picture reminds me a little of Nahoon Beach in East London. There were a few surfers out - but maybe we were a little early!

Anna-Kate rocking the dress I made her in June /July - it fits her much better now and as soon as I have my sewing machine I will make at least a couple more for her!

Anna-Kate and her Dad - don't have many pics of these two together!

Greg teaching Anna-Kate how to use her body board. They did have fun !
Anna-Kate caught on pretty quickly!

While Luke stayed with me! Greg, Luke and Anna-Kate did go for a walk along the beach and found a tidal pool .... which I think they swam in. We went home at about 1pm for lunch and relaxation!

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