Monday, June 28, 2010

Catching Up ....

Luke doing some colouring next to me on the sofa. Sharing a quiet moment with my son.

Red sky in the morning - this photo was taken late last week. Not long after it rained really hard ! Luckily not on the school run. Taken from my balcony off the lounge.

The first loaf of bread I have baked in a long time .... this is the New York Times no knead bread. The loaf was very easy to make, crisp on the outside and soft on the inside ! No kneading bonus.

Two kookaburras sitting in an old gum tree - right outside out bedroom window ! They are very noisy. They really sound like a troop of laughing monkeys.

A baby butternut - we ate it this weekend. Had it roasted.... it was so little it had no seeds.

My first steps into spinning ... this green monster turns into this ......

the wool on my drop spindle. The spindle was made by Greg. I was shown how to spin by a friend. On the last Sunday in the month I now go to the Central Coast Knitting Group at a friend's house. This Sunday was the first one. We did not get much work done as there was a lot talking and laughing going on. Plus there was a lot of fibre to look at. fondle and oooooohhhh at.
I bought some fibre !!! Oh and some sari silk to spin ..... very exciting.
Well it was at this group I was shown how to use my drop spindle. I am so excited ..... this first fibre I have spun is ummmmmm bumpy ..... but fun ! And Anna-Kate likes it so may make something warm and fuzzy for her !
The first lot done - rolled onto a toilet paper cardboard inner.

My first ball of spun wool. With an inside pull .... plyed and everything ..... go me!

A mushroom I found while weeding today - under a butternut leaf ..... the bottom looks like a big mushroom .....
The top is the same colour as a normal button mushroom ..... any ideas what it is? Please note my roma tomatoes in the background!

Second bread loaf on the go - has butternut in - not home grown sadly!
Phew all caught up now !

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Cybèle said...

butternut bread - now that sounds interesting! Did you just add some butternut squash or did you use a recipe?