Wednesday, June 09, 2010

This Weekend....

200m (ish) from our new house ! We decided to go for a walk - so drove to where we will be living and walked from there. Luke and Greg went ahead to look for fish.

All of us ! Greg, me, Luke and Anna-Kate. Greg is holding Kallie.

A puffer fish ... there were loads swimming about.

So peaceful ! The scenery around Brisbane Water is beautiful.

Kallie waiting for the children to finish playing at the park.

Autumn on the Central Coast. Love Autumnal colours against the blue sky.

Walking along the 'beach'.

The peas are sprouting - can't really see them in the pic will take a better one tomorrow.

A wierd butternut growing in the garden. This section of the butternut plant grew from the original plant - across the garden and grass. I decided to cut it off from the mother plant as it was right across the grass and generally looking untidy. Pulled up most of it but this section still looked green and healthy and as it was tucked away I left it and now it looks like I have another butternut !! I can not pay it too much attention as otherwise the dog will try and bring it to me !

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