Monday, June 14, 2010

Rabbits, Peas, Hats and the Beach !

I have crocheted 22 rabbits for charity - well 20 are for a charity, 2 were adopted by Anna-Kate and Luke. Not sure where to send the rabbits yet - if anyone knows of a charity willing to accept handmade toys I would love to hear from you !
Close up of the crocheted crowd.

My peas are doing really well - hope they can hold out till we are in our new house ! Greg still has to build the raised garden beds - well they have to wait a while he has a few other projects on his list already !

Kallie asleep on Anna-Kate's slippers. She has to tuck her nose under something to sleep, she actually loves being 100%covered while in her basket.

Anna-Kate asked for a hat, so I crocheted her a beanie yesterday.
Must remember it is wool -but I think it is OK to cool wash it in the machine - mental note to check label !

Today we took Kallie to the beach for the first time ever! She took it all in her stride and loved being outside with the children.

Here I am with my 'little' boy - he will soon be taller than me I fear !

Anna-Kate posing in the water.

My Luke taken while he was walking alongside me.

Running together along the beach - we all had a lovely time.
Greg, Luke and Anna-Kate even had time in the afternoon to go fishing - to date no fish have been harmed ie - no fish have been caught !!


Cybèle said...

I thought he looked tall in the photos on Facebook - seems I was right!
Love the photo of Kallie in the slippers, so sweet.

Tammy James said...

Hi Vanessa, Love your crochet Beanie! I knitted my daughter a scarf in that same yarn last year!