Friday, June 06, 2008

Anna-Kate's Birthday.

Here is the birthday girl. She was awake long before her brother - I wouldn't let her open her presents until he was awake. But I let her open this one - a craft book (which is by now well thumbed!) from her Granny and Grandad in South Africa. The calender is from her aunty and uncle who live in Canada.
Anna-Kate loves arts and crafts - she can often be found drawing pictures or writing stories!

Playing with her DS - a very addictive game called Animal Crossing !! I love it too.
Anna-Kate really wanted to go bowling for her party - so here she is with a few of her friends.

From the left is Emily, Olivia, Sophie, Kiara and Anna-Kate.
Here is my favourite photo - just looking at it brings back the laughter !!

To prove some bowling did go on!

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