Friday, June 06, 2008

Catching up!

I can not believe that I have not been here for so long ! Blame it on Face Book .... here is the link if you want to see my page there. I hope that works!

We are all well - Anna-kate and Luke have both had birthdays since I was last here!
Anna-Kate is 8 and Luke is 6.

Here they both are. This photo was taken in January when the area behind us flooded quite badly. I think on that day we walked out and about three times to see if the water was rising or falling!

And here is birthday boy! He had a proper birthday cake at other gatherings / parties... but this was his actual birthday so he had to blow candles out !!!

My winter beanie! I was cold walking the kiddies to school so crocheted a beanie for myself, Anna-Kate and Luke (Anna-Kate's was the same as mine but in a baby pink). Here is Luke's -

And one of the spider -

While on the subject of hats - here is one I created myself - my first experiment without a pattern (besides spider above!)

Will start another post in a while - think that is enough photos for now LOL !
Keep well.

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