Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Luke's letter to the tooth fairy.

Luke lost his tooth on Friday - as we were walking to school. I kept it safe in a tissue in my wallet. Luke was insistent on looking after it all afternoon / evening.
Then the tooth fairy came ... she looked under Luke's pillow and found the tissue - she opened the tissue and whoops - no tooth! So the tooth fairy starts to panic. Where is the tooth - if Luke finds the tooth in the morning the tooth fairy's cover may be blown ... so the tooth fairy left a message for him on his white board saying that she was ever so sorry but she could not find his tooth - but she had left him money as he had been good and she had seen the gap!
Mummy found the lost tooth on Saturday morning while making his bed. When I went to settle the children into bed I found his note to the fairy - I was very moved with this letter as he has not wanted to read or write so this is a giant step forward !
PS - the tooth fairy found his tooth on Saturday...

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