Friday, June 06, 2008

Snow !

I can not remember if it was April or May ...but I know it was later than last year - and not very thick - it melted the same day!
Here is the view from my bedroom window - looks out over our conservatory, back garden and an open green behind our house. We walk out there every day to and from school.
From the conservatory - where I have plants growing now - mostly little trees from birds!!! And sunflowers, corn oh and a conker ! My strawberry plants are in the swimming pool - I had just moved them before the snow as we had, had a beautiful weekend!
My bluebells - I bought two plants from Brokerswood a couple of years ago. They tell me spring is on the way!
My tree at the bottom of the garden in full blossem. Lovely, delicate white flowers.
Luke climbed the tree and ate an ice-cream. They love playing in the tree and climb far too high really !!!

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