Thursday, December 17, 2009

Day Fourteen and Fifteen.

Day Fourteen - Wednesday.

Today we stayed at home until 1ish then walked up a very steep and long hill to Point Claire Primary School. We all really liked the school and the head master was very nice too.
My 2 met their teachers for next year too so they are now very excited about going to school and not as scared.
Greg worked in Newcastle today so he was home early which was great as he got to swim with the children.
Day Fifteen - Thursday.
Was VERY hot today. So we just melted at home - around the pool or at the park.
Luke and Anna-Kate waving (Hello !!!) at 9am - the first swim of the day.
Luke and Anna-Kate still in the pool at around noon.

A little lady bird I saw while watching my 2 in the pool.

Luke swimming without a noodle !

Must dash my two are back in the pool as after the rain and thunderstorm it is hot again !

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