Monday, December 14, 2009

Nine, Ten and Eleven.

Sorry I have been quiet - life has been VERY busy.
Day Nine (Friday).

Was our last full day in the park. Greg managed to buy a car - a gold Kia. Luke went with him in the morning as a train journey was involved.
In the afternoon Greg took Anna-Kate to choose mattresses, so we would have something to sleep on.
I stopped at the cabin to pack up all our belongings.
Greg, Anna-Kate and Luke all enjoyed a last swim together on Friday evening.

Day Ten ( Saturday).
We got up really early (had packed the car the night before) and drove to Point Clare to pick up the house keys. We were in the house by 9-30.
I stayed at the new house to unpack while Greg had to go back to the Caravan Park to get the second load of luggage. Anna-Kate and Luke had a swim in the pool.
The view of our house from the street. The balcony is lovely to sit on as you are right next to the trees. I can also see the children playing in the playground just off the street.

This is the lounge from the front door, the door opposite leads out onto the balcony.
The kitchen. Don't mind cooking in here. I can see the water from the window.

Anna-Kate having a swim.
Luke sitting in the shade.

Our neighbours were having a party on the rather large driveway, we were invited and a good time was had by all.
Day Eleven (Sunday).
We drove to Erina to do some Christmas shopping. We don't have much for the children this year but I am happy that most of the pressies have now been bought. Now need to sit down and work out Christmas Day menu.
The afternoon was spent looking for a Christmas tree and decorating the lounge / outside.

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