Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Twelve and Thirteen.

Day Twelve was Greg's first day at work. He left the house at 6-30 to catch his train. The journey takes an hour and twenty minutes - but at least it is relaxing (or so he says - and he doesn't have to fight traffic). We live less than 5mins away from the station and his work is close to the station there too.
Anna-Kate, Luke and I stayed at home. We walked to Aldi - which is exactly like the one in the UK. It is also next to their new school - so we timed the walk too (it took all of 15 mins).
Greg was home by 7, ate his dinner than went to K-mart, which was staying open until midnight.
We have now finished the Christmas shopping. Just need to buy food now.
Our Christmas tree - it only has red baubles on (from Ikea), lights and 5 silver baubles on !

Day Thirteen.
Awoken at 5am - thanks Mr Cockatoo ! Very loud birds flying about in the morning.
We decided to walk to the waterfront, have a picnic and find the play park. Great fun was had !
The waterfront is a little further away than it appears in a car ! Quite a few steep hills - but I am hoping that is a GOOD thing! Had to go over a bridge (over the railway) and across a road. But eventually we got there and found the play park too.

Once they had, had a play we had a picnic there. The walk back was quicker - but maybe that was because we knew the way!
At home we had a swim and then the children took themselves off to the play park in our street.
After dinner we went swimming again and listened to the birds !

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