Wednesday, December 23, 2009


My first pavlova. Have to make one for Christmas Pudding as it is a traditional pudding here in Australia. Will just be putting whipped cream and peppermint crisp on top - people will be able to add a fruit of their choice to it on the day.
I thought I had better try it first as I have never made a meringue before. This was the same meringue five minutes later - so I think it was liked!
Anna-Kate and Luke playing cards in the shade this morning.
A lorikeet feeding in our tree. Love these birds!
A big smile from Luke. He loves the pool.
Hugging each other in the pool. Having fun in the pool while I read / act as lifesaver and take photos!
One, two, three JUMP !
We have had a great couple of days getting the house ready for Christmas, doing the laundry and enjoying the sunshine.

I hope that you all have a Peaceful Christmas and a Safe New Year. I wish all your dreams come true. Stay well.

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