Monday, May 10, 2010

9 May 2010 - Happy Mothers' Day !

We had a lovely weekend this weekend. The sun shone and so we spent as much time as we could outside.

Sunday was Mothers' Day here and I was so spoilt. Luke put a LOT of effort into his gifts - I received 2 A3 posters saying I love Mum - the mum written out in ice lolly sticks he has been saving ! Plus his colouring was all in the lines. Then he made an origami hat for me to wear and an origami boat with cut outs of us in - plus a dollar -out of his pocket money!

They had to take $5 into school last week to buy a gift for me - Anna-Kate chose a mug with beautiful red flowers on (luckily they were sold out by the time they got to Luke's class - as he wanted to buy one for me). They know I love mugs !

Luke chose a photo frame and a small photo album. It is siting next to my bed with a photo of them both swimming in our pool.

Greg had organised a tree and a lovely terra cotta pot.
Here is Luke carrying lots of small stones to put into the bottom of the pot. Greg is smashing big rocks to make the little stones - Kallie is watching waiting to eat any stones left behind. Yes she eats stones - she eats anything !!
Luke, carrying the blood orange tree to put into pot.

Lots of concentration going on - putting the tree into the pot. Behind them balanced on the pools pump are all my seedlings busy growing !
Anna-Kate and Luke next to my present ! Excuse my daughter's outfit - the house is very cool - but outside is hot!
Me - knitting outside today.

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Cybèle said...

I'm sure Nils has the same tshirt as Luke but then in red. It's got dinosaurs on it, right?
Be careful with Kallie eating stones. We had a dog who'd fetch stones if you threw them for her. She had an incredibly good nose - you could pick up a stone, throw it in a corn field and she'd come back with the right one. We thought it was just entertaining, but the vet said it wears their teeth too quickly, and to not encourage it. She was a grown-up dog though, and didn't eat them - she just carried them around.