Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Before and After the Rain.

Have put away this hexagon quilt top I am working on - need to buy more fabric (sshhhhh don't tell DH !!) just want some plain pinks / greens / blues for the half hexagon spaces and the borders. So it can wait until we have moved.

A kookaburra - I got fairly close before it flew away. Very noisy birds !

Kallie - our naughty puppy is growing up fast, but she is still a princess and hates getting her paws wet .... unfortunately today her whole body was soaking wet as the rain was soooo hard !

Sitting outside last weekend enjoying the sunshine ! My two ginger girls loves sitting on the wooden deck. Anna sits and reads while Luke and Kallie run about !

I was knitting and listening to knitting and gardening podcasts.
Our tomatoes - I had to pick them early due to our local possum invasion ! 3 are red now luckily.

Mushrooms / toadstools in my garden they are loving the wet weather.

The invasion of the daisy - in the rain with my tomatoes.
Having fun in the rain - have loads of cuttings ready for a new house / garden. Very exciting.


Name: Fiona said...

Glad to see that quilt coming out again - it's so beautiful!

Makes me want to do one now....

Vanessa said...

Thanks Fiona - it looks lovely and bright. Just have to buy more fabric to finish it off. But as I said it will have to wait for a while now !

clare's craftroom said...

Love the ginger cats just hanging out 1