Sunday, May 02, 2010

May Already !

Kallie and Tikkie enjoying a patch of sun together. Tikkie puts up with all the attention she receives from Kallie. Sherrie just keeps away.

A HUGE spider living in a HUGE web just outside of my laundry !

The mystery deepens - this is a picture of the melon I grew - it did not get much bigger than this as the plant died. I picked it and was able to harvest a lot of seeds.

This is a picture of a butternut - they are all a typical butternut shape. You will notice the melon is green and the butternut striped.

This is what is growing in my garden along with the butternut - a very odd shape ! But it is getting bigger, so we will see ...

Luke's tomato plant has produced a lot of tomatoes - we are just waiting for them to ripen.

My roma tomatoes - also waiting for these to ripen - the bush has a lot of flowers on too so should be a good crop - if it does not get too cold for them. But they get quite a lot of sun so hopefully they will survive for a while.

3 Pepper survivors - they have survived the brush turkeys and possums - had to pot them as the turkeys have started to dig in that area of the garden.

Luke and Greg have been busy on the canoe this weekend, not long until it is finished.

Greg applying some resin onto the canoe.

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