Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Monday, Monday !

Have started to garden in containers - awaiting the move (fingers crossed we actually find a house !!)
In the round basin at the back, left - one cutting from a very lemon scented bush - query a kind of geranium. Plus some Australian flowers.
Rectangle basin in front of it - more Australian flowers.
Ice - cream container in the front - Kallie somehow pulled it out of a rockery on a walk to school so brought it home and planted it!
3 black bag covered rectangular wicker baskets which look empty - are strawberries grown from seed.
White rectangular basin - red papaya seeds. Ice - cream pot to the left - another lemon cutting plus chestnut found in Luke's room (brought over from the UK!!!)
The black rectangle with plants more Australian flowers.
Plants looking sad in the front - mint - bought from supermarket - we will see if it survives !

Butternut, melon and other plants - enjoying the sun .... I have put all the plants into the pool enclosure to keep them away from the dog - who loves to dig !

Cutting out hexagons this morning in the sun.

Then worked on Luke's jumper - just crocheted it together - will crochet the neck and around the bottom just to add a little length.

Tikkie joined me and sat in front of me.

Kallie sat to the left of me - enjoying the sun.

Shezzie sat to the right of me - away from Kallie ! She went for a wonder and went next door - until their poodle came out !

Tikkie heard something in the bushes and went for a stalk !

Greg's jumper is growing - 48 rows already !

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