Saturday, April 17, 2010


We ate the last of our butternut last night - it was yummy. Very sweet.
I had to pick the melon too - as the plant had been eaten - it was too small to eat - but had a lot of seeds in so I have saved them for next season.
Today has been lovely - Anna-Kate and I sat out in the back garden - with the dog and cats. Luke played with the neighbours grandchildren and even went fishing with them.
Greg had to go and talk to banks - better to do this alone without the children. All good news - he even managed to pop into 2 houses today - the first one we are quite interested in but it involves total gutting and rearranging inside (eeekkk) but it is in a beautiful street so well worth it.
I am sat in the lounge while Greg is working on the canoe, Luke is still playing outside and Anna-Kate is walking the puppy.
No plans for tomorrow - Anna-Kate really wants to go to the library - but if the weather is this good we may go to the beach ....we will see !!

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