Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The last day of holidays.

The day started early - as it always does when Greg works ! Here is Anna-Kate waiting for breakfast and I think Kallie might be hungry too !

Outside in the sun you can see all the huge spiderwebs ! They were covering this bush!

Anna-Kate and Luke joined me in the garden. Anna-Kate had a float in the pool - but not a swim !
Luke and Kallie dug a hole in my vegetable garden ! I am just keeping it weed free for now as we (fingers crossed) will be leaving this garden in a couple of months.

And then after having a lovely day out in the garden the postman left me a parcel in the postbox.
Of course I opened it straight away and found this lovely mini quilt. It was inspired by our move over here and it represents the sand, surf and Sydney ! I love it. At the moment it is in the centre of my dining room table but will have a permanent place somewhere in our new house!
Thank-you Bec .... you are very kind to step in and make me a quilt. Plus thank-you for the extra fabric you sent me - one can never have enough fabric!

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