Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Catching Up ....

This weekend was a long weekend here in Australia as it was Anzac Day on Sunday. We had a lovely quiet weekend. On Saturday we visited a few Open Houses but we have decided against them, so the hunt for a new house continues.
We all went to Umina Beach on Monday - here is Luke standing next to my tomato plants. They are roma tomatoes and are growing really well. These plants are as tall as Luke - I have never had tomato plants this tall - and they smell lovely too.
Umina Beach - it was very quiet, a little breezy but lovely. Cleared the cobwebs anyway !

There were lots of sailboats out too - Greg watched them through binoculars.

Greg and Anna-Kate having a chat before they went to swim / body board.

Me ! In a short sleeved crocheted jacket.

Luke playing in the sand.

Is it a melon or a butternut - not too sure, it is growing close to my butternut plant - but I did plant a lot of melons too ... we will see.


Cybèle said...

My money's on melon - the sort of stripes make it look like a melon - but don't hold me to it!
Did you make the jacket? I saw it yesterday on your FB photos, and wondered then if it was handmade. It's lovely.

Vanessa said...

It could be a melon ... but the melons I tried to grow were more of a solid green - think I have pics earlier on blog ... the little butternut are stiped - will post more pics tonight ...
Yes made the jacket thank-you love the pattern free from the net.