Saturday, April 10, 2010

The First Week of School Holidays...

e Anna-Kate posing for me early one morning this week. Funny Bunny.

Tikkie is not impressed with Kallie ... these two get on fairly well as long as Kallie does not push the boundaries too far - Sherry has none of it and sleeps on my bed!

Children swimming - they have been swimming all holiday - thank goodness Greg found a house with a pool to rent !!! Note the butternut plant growing on the wrong side of the pool fence.

Anna-Kate swimming while Kallie watches. Kallie was a little worried that it was a sea monster !

Kalli saying hello to the camera.

The butternut has not been eaten by possums ..... yet ..... keeping an eye on it. Not quite ready to pick yet as a little green - but as big as those you can buy in the supermarket !

Off on our long walk - to try and tire the dog out ! This is the view from the end of our road - I never tire of the view.

Luke ran ahead of me (giving me a heart attack) and waved at me from on top of the railway bridge - Anna-Kate stayed at home for this long walk.

Luke pointing at some big fish. We should have brought the fishing rod !

Luke and Kalli having a rest - we take about and hour and a half on this walk from home to the water front and the park and back .... being a black dog she gets hot very quickly!

Luckily they can paddle and cool off.

A pelican swimming quietly in the waters - waiting for Luke to finish playing in the park - no dogs allowed in the park - but I can see him climbing as high as he can on the climbing frame !

Can you see the long fish ? Greg googled this is and we think it is a gar fish !

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