Sunday, April 18, 2010

Saying Goodbye ...

The tree that had to go - according to the neighbours... the roots were extending into sewage pipes...and he did not like sweeping up the leaves. It took all day to cut down.
The garden does look bigger and brighter - but also more exposed (said neighbours can see us from their balcony). We also now battle as we have NO shade so the beach umbrella has come out. If this was my house I would build decking and sun shade - but (fingers crossed) we will not be here for long so no worries !

Kallie - on the back of the sofa, pretending she is a cat ! Sat next to my cardigan I knitted. I wear this in the mornings when I get up at 5-30 with Greg !

My 3 tomato plants are growing really well out in the front - even though it is autumn ! There are flowers and tomatoes on these plant - very exciting !!!
We have had a lovely weekend, can not believe that it is school on Tuesday - Eater holidays have gone past soooooo quickly !
Chat soon XXXX

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