Monday, September 29, 2008

Anna-Kate's Homemade Cat ...

Here she is - for the life of me I can not remember what her name is .... something like fluffy or snowball !

I drew a shape similar to a cat and Anna-Kate sewed it by hand - stuffed it and decorated it.

She came downstairs so very proud and I told her I would put on my website so the world would see it !

Unfortunately Anna-Kate is asleep now so I can not show her this blog !

Genes are so funny - on Friday I found a book at a charity shop all about making paper aeroplanes. So this weekend the house has been littered with A4 pieces of paper sort of folded ...and taking to my dad on Saturday he told me he used to make paper aeroplanes all the time at school - his aeroplanes are VERY cool.... mine are a bit rubbish I have been told ! Luke just laughs at my attempts which just nose dive into the carpet ! Usually at my feet.

So today we have had a lovely crafty day .... hope your weekend was great .

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