Friday, September 19, 2008

Where does the time go ?

It is already the 18th of September. I have had a great week or so post wise ... I have recevied two swap parcels and various books from Amazon.

So let me share some photos with you.
Here is a little bird I received from America in the scrap fabric swap ....
I thought he looked a little sad like this so I transformed him into .....
this ....
It is amazing what a few beads and a bell can do to a bird!
So my love for birds has begun.

Here are the fabrics I received from America ... lots of florals and pinks .... a nice mixture and will be put to good use. This swap was a great idea - as it forced me to sort out my shed !
Here is my 99p spice rack from the Hospice Charity Shop - great for storing buttons and beads in . I also LOVE storage ! I have recently picked up a few new loves ...birds, trees, storage ...and so much more .

A sparkly owl - made from yarn sent to me in an earlier swap. I saw this pattern on the internet and I just HAD to make it and it took about half an hour ! My crochet collection is growing !

I was working on this shawl for a friend this weekend..... to tell the truth I actually made her two as the first one looked too small so I made the second one bigger so she can choose which one she would like to keep !! This is the only photo I have of it - the wool was beautiful greens and blues.
I worked on these memory boards this week .... they are for Christmas - can I say that in September ? As you can see I am trying really hard to use up all my stash of fabric .... as I REALLY do have a shed full of material.

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