Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Amigurumi Swap.

Ding Dong - yeah it is the postman !!!!

Here is my parcel ... I took it off my postie and ran straight to the playroom / conservatory to open it immediately.I love the tape ! Anna-Kate and Luke thought it was my birthday.

I love the sparkly wool - it is much more sparkly than it looks... I was very spoilt !!!

I know what I am going to make with the wool - hopefully this evening I will have finished the scarf I am working on !
Plus two wrapped presents and a card .....
Blonde alert .... the first of two blonde moments.I was so concerned about taking photos I did not look at my lovely pin cushion closely.Lilac is one of my favourite colours ....You will soon see why I was having a blonde moment!
In the first parcel was this very cute lilac topped cupcake pincushion !
A view from the side and lovely sparkly pins too !

This is where the second of my blonde moments happened! I opened the larger parcel and I see a box .... oh it is cappacino.... oh did I ask for that ? Oh well I like it ! Then I slapped my head and looked inside the box .....
and found my olympics mascot - a panda .....VERY, VERY cute !
A close up of my loot for this great swap - and then it hits me .... my pincushion has eyes !!!
So here is a picture of my pincushion the right way round!
My new amigurumis sitting in their new home on my sewing cabinet.....
This was a great swap and I was very lucky !

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Lucie said...

Awww, what lovely things you got!!! And you're very lucky having a Horn cabinet. I love the bunnies in your other posts too - a very talented lady!!