Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tuesday was a great post day.

The postman knocked very loudly - as it was windy and raining ! He gave me this BIG parcel.
I opened the parcel some goodies were loose and there was a big tissue wrapped parcel too.
The first thing I found was alovely card from camelama (my swap partner) - she bought the card from etsy ( . I love it as I love cats and red is my favourite colour!

This fabalicious bag was wrapped in the white tissue paper. It was FULL of more goodies ....
In the bag were the two soaps in this picture (they look so much like biscuits!) and a cloth bird ... I love the bird it is sitting on my memory board next to my sewing area.
Also in the bag were three cloths with hand embroideries on - very cute ... not sure what I will
use these for yet...
A picture showing loads of my goodies.... lots of candy (have to call it candy as it is from America!) Two rubbers shaped like donuts - Anna-Kate has tried to claim them but I have hung them on my memory board as I love them too ! At the top of this picture are two postcards - which is funny as I have just started collecting postcards since I just joined . But I wont be sending these postcards. There is a pink zipped purse - I have filled it with small sewing essentials - needles , thinmbles etc

The red stripy square is a handy tape measure - and something I really wanted a tin of sweets having seen them a LOT on all decorated etc.... so now I have one...
A photo showing all the candy ... still have most of it - am only allowed to have one piece a
day ...and some I will share with the kiddies but slowly !
Here are some of my new treasures / goodies in their new home.

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