Sunday, September 28, 2008

New Outfits

This is a funny photo of me - but I was talking to Luke as he took the photo - well I have been inspired by a friend (thanks Jeanette!) to make more skirts - I found this fabric at a cheap shop in town, which has sadly closed down recently - so no more £1 a metre of cuts for me !

I made this skirt to wear to my patchwork class - and am going to try to make something new for each class - along with my square a week !
There was enough fabric left over to make Anna-Kate a dress- unfortunately I did not measure correctly and the dress was too constricting for her so I just cut it in the middle - added some red tibbon at the waist and made the bottom half into a skirt. I think she looks lovely! (But then I am a little biased.) We even managed to fish out her boots from the bottom of her cupboard.
I finished the skirt just in time for her to wear it to visit her cousin this afternoon - and strike a pose Anna-Kate !

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