Sunday, September 28, 2008

Saturday Updates !

I have been busy recently with some swaps - I can post these pictures now as my partner has received the parcel.

My first big (ish) embroidery project - a photo album cover. In shades of pink. Very candy floss.

A close up of the pink forest.

A pink pin cusion - although it could be used as a lavender sachet as it is filled up with a mixture of lavender and rice. Apparently the parcel did end up smelling of lavender.
The cascade scarf - I found the pattern on Crafster. I saw the pictures and had to pick up my crochet hook and make it ! It is actually in the same pink as the pincushion above.
I threw in some other things - like buttons, beads and sequins oh and a bell so the parcel made a noise !

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