Thursday, August 28, 2008

Rabbits, Bear, Birds and a Pincushion.

My family of rabbits. The bright green one is Fred - he likes fishing and has had a little green fish added to his hands now. I finished him of at midnight this weekend as I promised Luke I would be finished it by the next morning. He belongs to Luke. The fishing rod can be removed for bedtime!
The white bunny with pink face sitting amongst my corn was my first bunny - she isn't with me any more she is on a plane to Australia....(I am in a swap of amigurumi croche.)
The pink bunny with a white face is Anna-Kate's her name is April - no I mean Annabelle - Anna-Kate changes her mind every few minutes so I call her Freda.... she is actually sitting next to me right now on my sofa!
I like making these bunnies so much I made one for me .... I call her Inspiration. She needed a friend so last night I made a bear ... Bear is called Butterfly - you can not see from this photo but Bear has a Butterfly on her tummy. They hang about my sewing machine and keep me company while I sew.... in front of Inspiration and Butterfly is my new pincusion in matching colours ....

I have started on a pink animal this evening ...not sure what it will become yet.

My crocheted Eastern birds - kind of earthy and cool ....

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