Monday, January 19, 2009

Luke's Birthday Party.

Luke's party went off without a hitch. We all went to a soft play area - as Greg is still in Africa, so I wanted to go the easy route. Unfortunately a couple of children didn't RSVP or appear which was a little disappointing - but Luke did not notice and was not upset about it at all !
This was the only time I saw him ! He was off playing the rest of the time.

He slept so well last night - he did not even notice me sneaking a photo he was fast asleep ! With teddy (I am so glad he is not too old for teddy !)

Anna-Kate's blanket is growing - I am adding more squares every night. Just using up balls of wool left over / tangled - hence the strange colour combination !
I hope that you all have had a great weekend - we even managed to get some homework in today !
Chat tomorrow

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QuiltedSimple said...

Looks like a great party!! Aren't they cute when they are sleeping - what a great picture!