Sunday, January 25, 2009

Saturday ...

Saturday always begins with Anna-Kate's swimming lesson.
This is the river we walk along it is raging at the moment. It is not usually this wide or flowing so quickly ! This is our house when we win a LOT of money - it has a cute look out point, you can launch your boat under it and sit and have afternoon tea on the balcony
There is a tennis court and a pond in the garden and the house is HUGE .... we love it so I took a photo of it.
Here is Anna-Kate and Luke on the way to the swimming pool.
After swimming we visited my parents for lunch. We were home by two so I started joining up Anna-Kate's blanket - this is what I have done so far ... still have a few more squares to join up into rows.
Anna-Kate and Luke played the wii all afternoon with no fighting (yeah !)
Now we are going to have some popcorn and watch Demons - not my favourite programme but the littlies like it so we have made it a family night ! Which is my favourite thing !
Off to do some more crocheting !
Chat soon.

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