Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Not happy with my stitching...

Not having a great day today, I am not happy with my hand stitching - my fault I guess for choosing 2 very different colours! Any helpful hints for hand stitching?
Still working on Anna-Kate's blanket - got a long way to go still !
But good news I have almost finished the Hello Kitty blanket - just have to add details now.
(and on another note Anna-Kate and Luke both ate chicken today yeah !!!)
Chat Soon XXXX

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Fiona said...

Isn't that called a cathedral window or something like that?? Looks vaguely familar from many years ago.

Try using a finer needle if you aren't happy (easier to be more accurate) although the photo looks very neat. Also hold it about 40-50cm away from you instead of right infront of you because no-one else will examine it that closely.