Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Mariners Compass

OK - I have to finish this block by Friday. I have had all of the holidays to do it - but because I was scared I have been putting it off.
So today I decided I had to do it - no more procrastinating!
I cut out the paper patterns.
I chose the fabrics I wanted to use... here they are.
The first segment of 8 is complete - OK so here are some rules...
1. Don't get cocky - you don't know everything - as soon as you think you know how to do it that is when you sew our fabric on back to front !
2. Don't rush ! If you need to do something else go and do it ! The segment can wait !
3. My seam ripper is my best friend !
4. Check before you sew !!! (Or cut!)
Handy Hint - fold along the printed line to get an idea of where the seam will be ... that helped me !

The paper side - completed! Phew...

And the fabric side. Just need to get a template for the circle in the middle and learn how to place it on a block - will probably learn this on Friday. All very exciting.

No post is complete with out a photo of my two. Yes we scooted to school - Anna-Kate took a tumble and we had to run back home to change her tights. Have to carry the scooters back to school for them to ride home (they are folding scooters and I carry them in an Ikea bag!)
Off to make a cup of coffee now and return to crocheting.
Will chat soon.

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QuiltedSimple said...

Well done on the mariner's compass. And what a cute photo of the kids!